Bruce Raymer has been providing World Class Run Coaching and Personal Training since 2002.

Competing Internationally for Canada has given Bruce Raymer a unique insight into how different cultures incorporate fitness into their daily lives. It is with this experience and knowledge that enables Bruce to provide his clients with exceptional workouts and results.

Whether you're a sub 2:10 marathon runner or someone simply trying to complete a 5k, Bruce has trained both, and everything in between!! He takes the time to understand and appreciate the fitness goals of each client individually.

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“Before I trained with Bruce, I had tried many of the top programs available (Jack Daniels, FIRST and Pfitziner). In addition to being difficult to understand they were hard to execute. I’m pretty dedicated and still had trouble completing the programs. As a family guy with a full time job I wanted to see results if I was putting in the time and effort. After a decent marathon debut (3:25:25) I regressed in my second marathon. Frustrated and confused I decided to look for a coach. Bruce stood out above the others because of the success he has had in the sport. I loved the idea of training with a guy who had won the 1999 Ottawa marathon and could still beat me in a race today. The Kid is fast! Bruce knows things that you can’t read in a book. In only 2 months of MARATHON training, I crushed my 5k PB (18:33 vs 20:34) and was faster at all distances. His methods are amazing and I had never heard of any of them in the books or articles I had read. My goal race was Chicago 2015 and I finished in 3:10, a 15 and a half minute PB! He is super dedicated, easy to talk to and a genius in the sport. I can’t wait to train for my next marathon with Bruce to see how fast I can get. Give Bruce a call and start getting your own PBs across all distances.”

– Matt Macdonald, The Oakville Assassin, 3:10 Marathoner

“From 1996-2000 I had the pleasure of training with Bruce Raymer. And whether it was slugging out a 20 mile run from my house at 6am in sub zero winter darkness, or hammering 5 minute mile tempo runs, Bruce always showed up with a strong commitment to work hard, and give 100%. And it paid off, in 1999 Bruce and I went 1-2 at the Ottawa Marathon!! I have no doubt that Bruce’s dedication and passion to running will enable all of his clients to reach their fitness goals, and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a top notch running coach and/or personal trainer.”

– Mike Dyon, President/Owner Brooks Canada, 3 time Ottawa Marathon Champ, 4 time Canadian Marathon Champ

“Before I met Bruce, my recent “runs” were actually the slowest of jogs, painful, unfulfilling and a far cry from my glory years. I was ready to conclude those years were gone forever. Until I trained with Bruce, that is. He helped me reach and sustain speeds I never thought I could accomplish again. I’ve also always enjoyed his deadpan sense of humour and understanding when athletes hit some kind of wall. But above all, Bruce commits. He touched base with me almost every day of the week between sessions and that shows incredible dedication.”

– Eric Weiner, Client

“I have had the good fortune to have known Bruce Raymer for the past 20 years. He truly is the epitome of dedication, drive and determination. From his first marathon in Chicago where I was on hand to see him go the distance in the howling wind and break 2:30, to his many commanding victories and finishes since, Bruce knows what it takes to get the job done. Bruce’s amazing results are a culmination of a carefully planned and executed journey. I highly recommend him as a trainer/coach for anyone who really wants to excel and get the most out of their workouts.”

– Jamie Black, Running Legend

“Bruce Raymer is one of the best training partners I have had over the years. I first met Bruce one summer afternoon in the trails off the Don Valley. I didn’t know if I should believe him when he told me how fast he was. He made that first run feel easy, as we spent the whole time talking! He’s a great motivator on those cold winter days that you just don’t feel like getting out the door. It is also nice to run with someone who is a good listener and who is there for you! I would highly recommend Bruce as a personal trainer and coach.”

– Matthew Raizenne, Marathoner & Ironman

“Like most; married with kids , balancing careers while trying to chase down marathon goals, I ended up with the same results year after year cycling through various online marathon training programs. I decided to explore other options and was fortunate to find Bruce. He renewed my passion for running, held me accountable for my results and checked in daily on my progress. Although I did majority of my runs solo, I felt a partnership. My fitness and confidence improved and I sustained speeds I didn’t think possible. With confidence and stamina I completed my last marathon with a personal best by 8 minutes.”

– C Vossenberg, Client

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Toronto Star
June 23, 2011
Taking the elliptical on the road
Canadian marathon champion Bruce Raymer has been unveiling the ElliptiGo – which reaches top speeds of 40 kilometres an hour – at summer hot spots across the GTA.

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National Post
January 11, 2012
How does a runner train when a runner can’t run?
I’m a runner — the kind that runs outdoors, in rain or shine. Or snow. Or even deep freeze. The neighbours look at me in awe, with a dose of sympathy. They regard me as one would a daredevil, a guy who jumps on a motorbike over 10 cars set ablaze: It’s entertaining to watch, but you’d never try it yourself.

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October 2015
Here’s a story of how having just one person seeing the greatness in someone else, is sometimes all that is needed to unlock that inner beauty and strength. 6 weeks ago, i met this young athlete, Hannah.

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Ottawa Sun
May 10, 1999
National Capital Marathon
Champ runs past boss
The bike rider told Bruce Raymer all he needed to know.
Raymer after nearly two hours and twenty minutes of traipsing all over the city, turned to the bike rider, a bystander heaving encouragement, and breathlessly blurted, “How far back is he?”

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